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Ian Nelson,
Lead Instructor

Mr. Nelson joined ASC's team in 2013. Using his expertise in executive protection he actively participated in advance preparations, logistical support and personal protection. Ian, a former U.S. Special Forces weapons sergeant commonly referred to as the "Green Berets", completed tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He brings a variety of specialized training to ASC including battle tested experience, advanced level shooting/sniper training, as well as knowledge from S.E.R.E, Ranger School, and other qualifications. He has proven himself as an effective leader with students excelling in weapon safety, handling, tactics and operations.

Mr. Nelson's approach to teaching is holistic and focuses on allowing the body and mind to learn as one, stressing muscle memory and instinctual response. His extensive training also includes Brazilian jiu-jitsu, aiki-jujutsu, systema and kickboxing. With over 15 years of empty-hand and firearms training, Ian continually refines ASC training to be as effective and realistic as possible for the modern day professional.

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