ASC’s in-depth expertise and seasoned security teams offer services ranging from bug and wiretap detection, worldwide security consulting services, as well as intensive hands-on training.

Elimination Infiltration

ASC’s seasoned staff with over 80 years of combined experience in security, secret service and armed forces become deeply involved in the detection process and ensure the elimination of any possible infiltration.

Experienced technical staff evaluate the physical facilities, including telephone instruments and lines, review of existing security measures, methods of communications and storage. These actions serve to warn of potential threats and to advise solutions for protecting premises, information and even lives.

The Sweep Team

ASC can deploy its team of counter surveillance specialists ready for travel anywhere in the world. The Sweep Team can advise you of any found theft devices and clear a suspected area of all audio and video infiltration equipment.

ASC provides a complete list of all illegal bugs and wiretaps located, along with a comprehensive report which exposes areas of potential and actual infiltration as well as recommendations for ongoing preventive security measures.