When a crime occurs within the workplace it often poisons the working atmosphere leaving everyone without trust. An identifiable incident has taken place, yet the perpetrator is unknown.

Uncovering the Truth

The polygraph is the most accurate means available to determine truth or deception.

The polygraph is used to identify the innocent and eliminate them from the investigation and to identify the perpetrator. This method shortens the investigation process and saves time and money, as conventional investigation methods can be lengthy and costly.

Some type of preliminary investigation should take place before polygraph testing is conducted with utmost sensitivity to best identify candidates in

order to promote trust and security. Polygraph testing can be used to screen prospective employees to determine past criminal or dishonest activities at places of previous employment, or for periodic testing.

Deterrent Effect

These tests can also be conducted every few months to identify any unfounded criminal activities within the workplace. Such periodic tests also work as a deterrent, since employees know that they will be tested from time to time.

ASC’s sole responsibility is the set-up and organization of the polygraph and ASC would have no involvement beyond that activity.